Summer Days

love penzeys.jpg

Love people. Cook them good food. 

This has been our mantra from the beginning. 

Some days it is hard. Hard to cook. Hard to love people. 

But with a deep passion; something that has been built in me from the beginning, I long to cook good and love people well. 

When lines are long, the kitchen is hot, the orders are hectic, the dishes are piled high, this is not always easy.  Summer is a wonderful time of activity and tourists and visitors, and with all of our best efforts, sometimes we fall short. I apologize for longer wait times, missed second cups of coffee, or a dish that didn’t quite match up.

But we will always strive to love people through the mess, the chaos and the joy of long summer days. 


(Image courtesy of Penzey's Spices)

Sheena Ernst